To ensure customer satisfaction through:

1. Execution of projects within schedule time and cost.
2. Adhering specifications and conditions of contracts.
3. Customer feedback and ensuring improvement.
4. Achieving Turnover Target as per MOU.
5. Securing Business to maintain Work Order Book position around three times of Turnover.
6. Realizing old dues maximally and quickly for improving financial position of NPCC.
7. Continual capacity building of its officers.
8. Continual organizational re-structuring and diversification with focus to Business.
9. Maintaining and improving ISO 9001-2008 based quality Management Systems in all areas of activity.
10. Strive hard to improve quality standards by introducing standard operation procedure in all spheres of governance.

1. Township and Buildings
2. Public Health Engineering and Environmental Projects
3. Surface Transport Projects
4. Dams / Weirs
5. Barrages
6. Canal
7. Industrial Structure
8. Hydroelectric Projects
9. Thermal Power Projects
10.Chimney / Transmission Projects
11.Project Management Consultancy
12.International Projects

NPCC shall strive to provide best value to its Customer by observing highest quality standards in construction & implementing projects within schedule time through:

1. Innovation, Technical competence and Professional excellence.
2. Continual scanning of Market and Re-orienting organization and its Resource.
3. Identification & Reinforcement of core competencies with simultaneous synergic diversifications.
4. Continual improvement of systems and process for faster accomplishment of Goal.

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